About Structural Therapeutics

Structural Therapeutics is a Medford massage clinic opened in 2005. It's located just east of downtown Medford on Vancouver Avenue, in a very peaceful, inviting space. Click on the images below for a little tour of the office.

Structural Therapeutics specializes in deep tissue massage and trigger point massage to help our clients live more active, pain-free lives. 

Being a client at Structural Therapeutics doesn't just mean coming in to the office, getting a massage, and leaving feeling better (though that is part of the package). We work with you to incorporate lifestyle adjustments, like stretches, exercises and posture correction, so you don't just feel better after a massage, you feel better all the time.

It's important we understand what caused the pain or limitations that you have, so together, we can work on correcting the problem and getting you as pain free as we can. That's why we don't just ask about your history, we talk about your goals.

Our approach is simple: optimize tissue and joint mobility, minimize pain and reduce inflammation. We begin with a detailed examination and orthopedic assessment of your condition. Using Trigger Point and Deep Tissue Therapy combined with muscle balancing techniques and passive stretching, we manipulate your body's tissue to help restore proper function. Call us to learn more about how we can help you


About Charles Street, LMT

Charles is the owner of Structural Therapeutics and has been a practicing, licensed massage therapist in the Rogue Valley since 1978. As the longest-practicing massage therapist in the Rogue Valley, he has developed a detailed intake process and a thorough treatment approach tailored to the individual aches and pains, activities and goals of each client.

Charles has worked with a wide variety of health care professionals, including nutritionists, chiropractors, osteopaths, accupuncturists and medical doctors. He draws on this varied experience in his multi-disciplinary approach in pain relief.

Charles Street was the original owner of Therapeutic Touch Day Spa of Medford, which was open under his direction for 17 years, until its sale in 2003.